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Synthetic Turf Repair-Synthetic Turf Team of Palm Beach

Synthetic Turf Team of Palm Beach is here to offer you more than designs and installations. We understand that part of making your existing turf last for years is being able to handle repairs on time. This is why we are available for any synthetic turf repair you may need and rest assured, our team will take care of all patches, holes, or undesirable spaces that make your surface look anything but beautiful.

The list of damage that your synthetic turf can receive is limited: being burned, torn, pulled out, or maybe its color is fading; our professionals can handle all this.

Although repairs are not often needed, some families and owners will request the services either because of the artificial turf’s age or for extreme circumstances or accidents that damage the surface to the point of needing experts to handle it.

Discolored sections of the synthetic lawn are the most common issues, especially with turf that has been installed for over five years. If the installed artificial turf is of high quality, it shouldn’t have discolored areas within the first six years, regardless of the use it has been given. However, if you aren’t confident about its quality or went for a cheaper option during installation, this repair turns out to be quite common.

Burned or torn sections are even rarer but not impossible to present. Regardless of this, we will assist you in making sure they disappear, and you have an artificial turf that looks neat and clean in no time.

Is It Better to Rely on Synthetic Turf Team of Palm Beach Than Doing It Yourself?


Although some damage or repairs are minimal and can be handled by you alone, it isn’t recommended if you want to go for the long-run repair.

DIY artificial turf repairs tend to last a few weeks or months at most since most patches, tapes, or adhesives don’t match the quality of the turf. If it was installed by our team years prior, we assure you it is of high quality, and you will need the same or similar product and material if you want to forget about the fact that the repair ever took place.

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Sometimes, low-quality patches or solutions can end up worsening the issue. They can work for short-term needs, but we always recommend contacting us to get it done, so you don’t notice the difference in any of the sections.

Glue, tape, and any simple material cannot be from the cheap section of the store unless you don’t expect the repair to last long or understand that the product installed by the previous company was not of the best quality.

Our professionals are always available and happy to help with any burns, torn parts, or damaged sections; it doesn’t matter if it is something small or big.

Unlike installation, we usually get it done during our first visit to the property and assess the damaged areas. Most repairs don’t take more than a couple of hours unless you inform our team that it involves a large portion of your turf.

In many situations, replacing the entire section or artificial turf installed may be recommended, but we will never proceed without your authorization.

Is It Possible to Repair ANY Damage to Synthetic Turf?

Yes, and this is part of the beauty of using it over natural grass.

Since artificial turf comes in several pieces and it isn’t a natural element, you must wait for it to grow; it is simple to replace—as mentioned earlier—the section, piece, or entire turf installed as needed.

When the damage is divided into different sections or focused on one, replacing the piece by cutting it out and installing the new one is simple. The difference won’t be noticeable, and the tape or adhesive won’t be perceptive to the eye, just like with the rest of the green area.

This allows all owners and users of synthetic turf to save time and money.

During installations, there are always remnants or leftovers of pieces of turf that weren’t used or had to be cut out to fit corners and specific spaces. These pieces can be stored and used for future repairs.

If you installed the artificial turf with us, you could rest assured that we will leave behind as many remnants as we have or you want and can store them. They aren’t using many, but enough to perform several repairs over the years.

If you have remnants we can use, you can avoid having our team use a brand new piece you will have to pay for; this will greatly reduce the cost of the repair, and we will charge our workforce only. However, repairs aren’t usually expensive unless they are massive ones that lead to replacing large portions.

Live Worry-Free with Our Repair Service

You can contact Synthetic Turf Team of Palm Beach any time of the year. We are open to all residents and new and old clients that may need synthetic turf repair.

When contacting us, you can send photos and evidence of the damage so we can provide a more accurate answer of the possible cost of the repair and the solution right away. If not, we will have our team visit the place and be prepared enough to perform the repair regardless of the damage.

As mentioned earlier, we don’t usually perform any assessment since visiting your place, especially if you are our client, and having a look at the damage is enough to start repairing it within the next few hours. However, if you wish for a free assessment before we take the next step, you’re free to let us know.

We won’t force you to have our team handle the repair if you aren’t comfortable with the price or cannot pay it right away. Just keep in mind we are flexible and always do our best to adapt our prices to your budget and what you need.

Contact our team and let us do our job.