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Palm Springs-Synthetic Turf Team of Palm Beach

Golf courses are one of the main attractions of Palm Springs and for a very good reason. Besides being the perfect ones to practice, play your favorite sport, and spend some time with friends, family, or some business partners, how stunning and dazzling they are, adds more to the whole equation. Synthetic Turf Team of Palm Beach has worked with many owners and managers of golf courses to install, repair, and provide maintenance of the best artificial turf and grass that looks green, fresh, and beautiful all 365 days a year.

Besides working with large-scale projects and companies, we help residential owners, or even commercial ones, have their own golf courses in their patios and green spaces so they can enjoy some free time playing a few holes.

Putting greens is always requested, and we make sure that even if it is a very small area, you’re satisfied with the results. For it, we will go over the entire process of:

  • Measuring the space available or where you want us to put some greens.
  • Create the perfect design based on the area and what you have in mind.
  • Choose the synthetic turf for it and how we will add the greens and extra elements to make it look like a golf course—or part of it.

Our team handles all the design and installation unless you have a previous job you want us to complete, repair, improve, or anything that isn’t related to the full installation and design of the space.

We Do More Than Putting Greens

Although it is a popular service in the area, we have a wide variety of solutions in which we help any individual and client to have a stunning green area with artificial turf or grass that won’t perish for the next two decades. There’s no need to tend to it every week.

Residential synthetic turf installation and commercial installation are within our options. We always work to ensure that the type of product chosen for the projects is earth-friendly, offers harm reduction—for falls or any accidents that could occur—and is resistant to either low or high-volume foot traffic.

In special situations or requests, we vary the product we use based on the materials utilized to manufacture the turf or grass and all the fibers that constitute it.

This is a lot to process at once, but this is why we are here for you. In addition, you can rest assured that our team will worry about your budget and find the most suitable option that adapts to your needs, the money you can spend, and your preferences.

Always Aiming for The Best

Be it a small or large project; we put our all to guarantee satisfaction, safety, and appeal.

You will have a garden, patio, yard, playground, athletic field, golf course, or any green space looking stunning, offering safety thanks to the non-toxic materials used and longevity since artificial turf can last for over 15 years with little watering and maintenance.

Just give us a call, send us an email, or feel free to visit us so our team can handle your project and make it come true.