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Pet Turf Installation-Synthetic Turf Team of Palm Beach

Having a regular synthetic turf installed in your patio or yard isn’t the same as having the special and right one for your pet. Therefore, whenever you are trying to replace an old product or maybe want to find a more suitable one for your fluffy friend, request our pet turf installation service at Synthetic Turf Team of Palm Beach. We will find the perfect option so they can play all day long and even enjoy how it feels whenever they lie down!

Most patios or yards have artificial grass installed to make it look like natural grass is actually growing and beautifying the landscape. However, choosing an option different from synthetic grass can be the best move when you have a dog or cat.

Pet turf is designed to make your green area look stunning while offering your pets the perfect surface to play all day long and help you avoid the usual problems:

  • Muddy paws.
  • Insects or bugs.
  • Brown patches.
  • Look after them, so they don’t dig holes.

How Pet Turf Helps You Save Time & Have Your Pets Happy

Going deeper into the topic, the usual problem with natural grass or turf is that it is unavoidable to enjoy them at the expense of dealing with dirt. It may not be an issue when it is you and your loved ones, but when a pet enters the equation—especially a dog—things can get all muddy and dirtier.

You also have to water the grass several times a week, which leads to cleaning your pet’s paws several times in a single day whenever you let it out to play or do its necessities, and having to spend more water, which doesn’t help the planet or your finances.

Pet turf saves you all the previous problems since your pets won’t have contact with dirt and mud and won’t have to water the turf every week. You can even leave the task once or twice a month.

Artificial turf is extremely durable 90% of the time. However, the special option of pet turf allows you to add more durability since the fibers are more resistant and still simulate the appearance of the real thing. It will be resistant to the brute force of your pets, which means damaging it isn’t easy and won’t cost you a fortune. Repairs are quite rare, and when they are needed, costs are very low with our team.

In addition, you only have to enjoy the time with your pup or other pets. No watering. No tending to the patio all day, just enjoying the experience while your pets are able to enjoy the time with the one they love the most.

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It Is Durable & Also Safe for Them

Synthetic Turf Team of Palm Beach manufactures almost every type of pet turf we have available. If we don’t have it and need to outsource it, we assure you that our distributors and providers are the best in the country. They work under the same standards we follow: use non-toxic and high-quality materials for everything.

Thanks to our efforts, we are allowed to work with top-quality pet turf that isn’t only resistant to pull force but also non-toxic for your pets and yourself. We were never happy working with materials that could be a hazard the longer the synthetic turf was installed, which is why we forgot about those products for over a decade now and only focus on using those that are earth-friendly and pet-friendly.

Your pup won’t notice the difference—except when it tries to dig holes—and you won’t have to worry about it picking on bugs or undesired guests whenever they are taking a nap over the grass or just playing.

Additionally, it will help you take care of their waste and guarantee that all liquids are drained since part of the underlayment, and pet turf includes a perforated backing, which will avoid any liquids retention, and instead, you will see them drain quite easily and quickly.

Finally, your pet turf won’t absorb heat and comes with U.V. inhibitors which will keep it green all year, especially under the weather conditions we experience in Florida.

Since you don’t have to use chemicals, fertilizers, or any special liquids and items to maintain your turf, you can forget about any harmful substances that could lead to your pets having health issues and being in critical condition.

How Long Will Pet Turf Last with One or Several Dogs?

We understand that the most common worry is related to its longevity. Pets, especially dogs, love playing hard to get and aren’t known for measuring their force. As a result, natural grass tends to die out, or your patio has empty spaces due to their daily activities. Pet turf saves you this since it isn’t only about its durability but also longevity.

All our products are made with the best quality materials, including nylon and polyethylene, the top options for fibers. Regardless of the final type, we help you choose for your pets; it should last at least ten years, and our 15-year warranty backs all pet turf available at Synthetic Turf Team of Palm Beach.

Answering the main question, the longevity of your turf won’t be shortened if you have one or several dogs and pets. It is designed to perform well and last for years regardless of their number and how hard they play. Thus, you can expect yours to last over a decade regardless of having several dogs or not since the key is choosing the right type for the number of pets and how much time they are bound to spend in the green area.

For more information and details about our artificial turf for pets, make sure to call or email us. You’re welcome to our offices as well, and let our team know what you are interested in and how many dogs or pets you have so we can start by choosing the turf that will fit your needs the most and work from there.